Wagner Raymond Grams is a principal at Cypress Tax Solutions LLC, a boutique financial advisory firm. He also prepares federal tax returns for clients. As a financial planner, he provided financial analysis for acquisition and operation of rental real estate portfolios for small investors. He received his degree in real estate finance from the University of Southern California over thirty-five years ago. His clients own and manage over hundreds of rental properties worth millions of dollars. He speaks regularly at industry events and volunteers with the Urban Debate Leagues of Texas.

Over a fifteen-year period, Mr. Grams gained progressive experience in providing financial analysis and guidance to Citibank, Chase Bank, Texas A&M and Adelphia Communications. He regularly supervised large budgets of up to $100 million with capital expenditures of up to $35 million. He has vast knowledge of how to manage by the numbers to reach objectives.

During his early career in California, he operated a mortgage refinance and real estate investment business. He also assisted in the formation and operation of three small ($5 million) real estate funds. These funds bought rental income real estate for cash, held them for about five years, then sold them at a profit.